Updated: 24th September 2014

Dugi Guides now offers a subscription price of $6.99 per month which gives you everything (including free expansion updates).

Zygor still offers each guide at a set price, which is shown in the table below. They also have an expansion update fee.

Note: Zygor Guides has discounted pricing options for purchasing multiple guides. It becomes to complicated trying to include all those different options, so this checklist only covers pricing for single guides (single faction & both factions).

Leveling Guide (Single Faction)$40
Leveling Guide (Both Factions)$60
Loremaster & Dungeon (Single Faction)$35
Loremaster & Dungeon (Both Factions)$50
Dailies & Events (Single Faction)$35
Dailies & Events (Both Factions)$50
Achievement & Professions (Single Faction)$35
Achievement & Professions (Both Factions)$50
Pet & Mount (Single Faction)$35
Pet & Mount (Both Factions)$50
Titles, Reputation & Macros (Single Faction)$35
Titles, Reputation & Macros (Both Factions)$50
Best Price for All Guides$6.99 per month$310
Expansion UpdatesFREE$110

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