Guide Features

Heres a quick summary of all the features included in Dugi and Zygor Guides

Guide FeaturesDugi GuidesZygor Guides
Built-in Installation & UpdaterImageImage
100% AutomatedImageImage
3D Model ViewerImageImage
Auto Skip QuestsImageImage
Easy-Medium-Hard ModeImageImage
Multiple Quest CompletionImageImage
Auto Target NPCsImageImage
Tuned for Every Race and ClassImageImage
Customizable User InterfaceImageImage
Built In Waypoint ArrowImageImage
Translates into other LanguagesImageImage
Works With CarboniteImageImage
Auto Quest ItemsImageImage
Flight Path and HearthImageImage
Gear SuggestionImageImage
Map PreviewImageImage
Target ButtonImageImage
Quest Tracker IntegrationImageImage
World Map TrackingImageImage
Find Nearest NPCImageImage
Achievement TrackingImageImage
Technical SupportImageImage
Free TrialImageImage
Search FeatureImageImage
Taxi / Travel SystemImageImage

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